Motherhood Myths You Need to Ignore

Seeing that first positive pregnancy test is nerve wrecking if you weren’t expecting. With all the nervousness, here comes opinions from people who are the ultimate mommy guru’s. They tell you enough to put you into PPD because we are trying so hard to be the perfect mother everyone wants us to be. Most opinions are ran by myths these so called mommy experts heard from this person and that person.

Here are myths that every new mommy should ignore.

1. Motherhood comes natural

Uhhmmmm. That’s a total lie. For everyone else it came natural. For me I struggled. I struggled to put him to sleep. I struggled to get him to latch on to me. I struggled to bond with my sweet baby boy. Motherhood was so unnatural to me even though I wanted to take care and love this baby so bad. It took time and patience. Also took a lot of mistakes that I learned from.

2. Your baby should be doing ____ by ____ months…

My son did everything on his time. He didn’t roll over until 6 months… he walked at 9 months. He is now a year & one month and we are still waiting in him to call me mommy and intentionally call my husband daddy. Babies move on their own timeline. Unless there are severe developmental delays… erase the expectations that your baby will move on the rate those timelines say that they are going to move.

3. Your friends will disappear when you become a mother.

This one is kind of funny. At the end of the day, friends come and go. People will not be at the same point in life as you. Since I have became a mother some friends have disappeared but the true friends have stayed throughout the whole process. The others did not disappear. They just simply went a different path than me.

4. Sleep when the baby sleep

This one tickled me. As a new mommy… you WILL NOT sleep when the baby sleep. It is nearly impossible when you are constantly checking in the baby to see if they are ok or just simply adoring that wonderful face. For me there was no sleep because there was constant pumping and cleaning. My baby slept all day so if I slept while the baby sleep, I would have been sleeping 18+ hours. I have things to do !

All in all, everyone’s motherhood experience is different. You can take the myths and run with it or you can experience it the way you would love to. I prefer to write my own book as a mom.

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