Daily summer routine with my 11 month old

School is out so with me being a teacher, I have so much time to focus on my son over the summer. When I say time, I mean like ALL DAY LONG !!

I don’t know how other people are but I tend to run off schedules or my day will be a hot mess.

My typical day starts at 6:45-7:00 am, with me in the bed having conversations with my husband while out son is sleep, until my husband get ready for work.

When he leaves, I do my morning things like brush my teeth, read, and try to fix me a quick breakfast before Lamar wakes up which is typically by 7:45.

Lamar eats wayyy more than I do. More as in 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. Of course we start with breakfast. I usually make him a egg, something that includes carbs, and some sliced fruit. During breakfast, we usually watching PBS kids while he self feeds himself and the dog.

We then take the dog outside for a walk, play, and watch tv until his 11/12 o’clock nap.

During his nap is when I finally do my hair and put clothes on if I have anything planned for the day. That is very rare since most people are still working over the summer. We sometimes go to my mom house or just walk different stores.

When he wakes up around 12:30/1pm we finally get him together and let him enjoy his lunch before we head out the door.

I usually arrive back home before hubby gets off work, around 5pm. I sometimes cook dinner, not every day though (I wish but the way my summer break is set up…). Around this time, Lamar is down for a quick 30 min nap then back up to eat.

At 7pm is when he usually takes a bath. I let him tire himself out for 20 minutes splashing in the water, then I bath him, dry him, lotion him up, and make him slippery again with a vaseline based skin protectant (we don’t want any dry skin).

After the bath and dinner we watch tv until 9pm then we head to bed. He still co sleeps so of course mama have to cut off all the lights and lay down with baby (give him a bottle of course) until he is comfortable to go to sleep. Since he has been 9 months, there is no rocking him to sleep involved. If we try to rock him to sleep he pushes us off of him like “stop mama”. Who wants to fight every night? Not I !

He may wake up once through the night but other than that, our daily routine is finished and we are ready for a new day.

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