I am that mom

Mommies we receive so much criticism on a daily basis that we have to fight for what we feel is right.

Recently I created a shirt with the saying “I Am That Mom”.… it sounds pretty cliché but after this weekend, I was validated on why that saying meant something to me.

Recently my husband and I took a trip to the country. While there, my 10 month old son was not able to walk around because of the type of land and me being safe about him getting into dirt, bugs, and snakes. The wagon wouldn’t have worked because he was persistent about getting out of it so of course I had to make my son a lap baby. Of course I got the “he is spoiled” comments.

Do you think I honestly wanted to hold my 20 pound son on my hip all day long, especially just recovering from a back injury?? I did what I felt was best for my child and his safety while putting myself to the side like a mommy should do for their baby.

The topic of daycare came up. My son has never been to daycare and I am blessed to have my 68 yo grandmother who is healthy and able to help with keeping him. She watched him full time for 6 months and then my husband arrived from deployment and did not work for another 3 months. I teach so when he started working, I took over during my summer break. My son will be starting day care at the age of one.

I was pretty much told that my husband and I did TOO MUCH for our son and that when he arrives to daycare that he would be no good. I responded back with “he’s going to be straight” and walked away.

Moms, we receive so much criticism about what we do for our kids by other people. I am raising my son the best way that I can in this society that he lives in. My son is growing up so much and he is healthy and living. Yes I may do TOO MUCH with my son but with him being a 3lb preemie, of course I will be a little more cautious of him. He is still treated like a little boy should be but when my son needs my help, I will be there, no doubt about that. My husband is the same way.

I wanted to create a slogan that can pretty much tell the world to stop criticism the moms who are overwhelmed by trying to do what they feel is best for their child and raise healthy, decent, respectful human beings in today’s world. For the ones who get criticized for doing the right thing such as breastfeeding until the age of 2 or choosing to stay home until the child is school aged. “I Am That Mom” supports motherhood and the choice to raise your child the way you would love to.

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2 thoughts on “I am that mom

  1. Sharina says:

    I love this new venture!!!!! I totally agree with this.You will always know what’s best no matter what anyone says.I personally struggle with family members trying assist but not really helping with my child.


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