4 ways to Workout with infants


Believe it or Not

As a mother, whether new or old, is an ongoing clock. We usually find it difficult to take a shower, eat, or even workout because of the constant schedules. For me, it is mostly when my 9 month old is holding on to my leg, saying “Da-Da-DA” while Da Da is unoccupied at the moment. I usually have little time to myself to achieve my goals in the fitness area. We as women have to find innovative ways to get the job done do here are 5 things I do in order to live a healthy lifestyle with a baby.

1. Just Dance

My husband and I usually play Just Dance on the WiiU for competition (of course I am the best dance) but we have the system for other uses also. There is no need to buy the just dance game or system. Technology is so amazing that you can download it with your smartphone connect it with the computer. The kids are also able to join in the fun without knowing if they are winning or not.  

2. Walk it Out

On nice days outside, just take the stroller out for a walk. It does not have to be a slow paced walk either. Trust me, I have sweated in the Texas heat from only walking. Just make sure you bring plenty of water and snacks for your little one along the way

3. Late Nights Early Mornings

My husband and I would love to both work out at the same time but that is not possible. We came up with the plan that he work out in the morning before work and I work out at the night. This is all while the little one is sleep to ensure someone is at home at all times. For single moms, when my husband was deployed, I worked out in the morning after my son was dropped out at my grandmothers house. It was arranged that he would arrive 30-45 minutes early so that I could have a simple 20 minute workout.

4. At Home Workout

Mom, we are masters at accomplishing so many things during a nap time. It could be a 30 minute cap or a 2- hour slumber and the house will be under construction by a mother rushing to get things done. During those naps that the baby is taking, there are several fitness youtubers out there that you could subscribe to in order to follow their 15-30 min workout routine. You can receive all variety from cardio to HITT workouts. You could even incorporate the exercises with household objects for resistance. If the baby wakes up, finish the workout with partner squats. He/She will enjoy those bonding moments. 

Here is a sample workout that I did in the apartment gym.


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2 thoughts on “4 ways to Workout with infants

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