Breastfeeding Journey: 5 tips on reaching your goal

Looks like our breastfeeding journey is finally coming to an end. It upsets me that our mommy and son time is finally over but I have did my part in nurturing our child the best way I could. 6 months and he is just as chubby as ever. The picture above is the first day he latched on August 14, 2017… 9 days after birth. For some reason he kept turning to me opening his mouth and I told my husband, let’s try…. and surprisingly he latched on perfectly. Granted I didn’t know what I was doing but I was excited. This was the first time I felt as thought I bonded with him because I didn’t have that skin to skin contact right after birth. He went straight to NICU. I planned on breastfeeding but I was only able to exclusively pump the first two weeks. My milk came in two days after he was born in which I was pumping every 3 hours. Those little syringes only held 10ml a piece but I was so happy to get just that little amount. Pumping so early, I had an oversupply which cause so many clogged ducts and the only thing to relieve it was pumping on all fours. When Lamar arrived home, he had such a hard time latching on. It wasn’t natural anymore. It wasn’t until a good friend showed me what she did to get her twins to latch and 3 weeks later he was a pro. Breastfeeding was something I was never comfortable with but once you get it down pack you don’t want to stop. On top of the trial and error, we received criticism from people who are not breastfeeding supporters. I got my support from my husband, my family, and surprisingly a Facebook support page. Lamar had a bad night at someone house because we breastfed at night and that particular person made it seem as though he was being spoiled from being on the breast and also it was bad for his tummy (gas). Not very well educated on the topic but had so many opinions. We still pushed through that. Breastfeeding my son has been one of the best experience that I can say so far in motherhood. It is amazing what the woman body can do and how we are able to nurture our little ones. My son is now refusing it, too distracted, and only wants it when he wants it so it’s time to close this chapter. As this journey come to an end here are 5 tips for new mothers who plan on breastfeeding.

1.) Relax– If baby do not latch on the first tine don’t stress over it. Just keep trying, practice, research, and talk to other mothers who breastfed. You aren’t the only one who had this issue.

2.) Listen to yourself- Do not let others and their uneducated judgement about breastfeeding drive you to be embarrassed about what God intended us mothers to do… which is nurture our little ones. Mommy has the best judgement when it comes to baby.

3.) Forget the schedule- My son breastfeed on demand and that kept my supply up. We tried the schedule and of course that became stressful. Stress can drop your supply so I tossed out the schedule and said “baby you can have whatever you like”. We were both satisfied.

4.) Utilize your time- Breastfeeding is a special moment. Put the phones away… turn the TV off. Use this time for bonding with your baby because you will never get this time back again. Song to him/her… tell your baby how much you love them. This is your moment.

5.) Decisions- Yes it is your baby and yes you want control but when stopping breastfeeding… let it be you and baby choice for the first year. I wanted to stop at 4 months but my son was like no mommy. It comforts him so I’ll keep going. He’s not going to be spoiled, or entitled. He’s still a baby who need his mommy. The decision now is mutual since he is refusing but I didn’t just remove it from him.

Good luck new mommy on this journey.


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