“33 WEEKS”- My Pregnancy Story

After being 2 months into my marriage I found out I was pregnant! After trying and then giving up, we both were shocked that I got pregnant the week that I was not suppose to ovulate.

My name is Tori, I am a 26 year old personal trainer/ middle school teacher. I am married to my high school crush and we have a handsome little boy, Stedman Lamar,  who is 5 months old. For a while I have been wanting to blog, just to keep a record of my life and to share my story with others. Now I have a reason to because of Lamar.

My pregnancy started very smooth. I had little morning sickness/ nausea and food adversions. Suprisingly I wanted to eat more and that made my husband and I very suspicious of things. After one evening of “his terrible driving”, I became nauseaus and we decided to take a pregnancy test. On the first test, the lines were very faint so we decided to take two more and YESS I was pregnant. My husband jumped for joy while I was still in shock. I just had to tell my best friend before anyone else knew. All I could think about was, what will I do with a child?? I never dealt with a baby before. Plus my husband was scheduled to get deployed. Yes, DEPLOYED !

During the first few ultrasounds I felt nothing. No happiness or joy. I was just shocked that something was growing in me. It wasn’t until I was 18 weeks and I felt his kicks more than I felt the gas that I was finally able to  come into reality that I was pregnant.

While pregnant I continued to coach cheer-leading and track. Only family and one coworker knew about my pregnancy until I was 20 weeks because of fear of not being able to be employed for the next school year. I was doing everything that I did before I was pregnant which also involved jumping into the long jump pit which was not a good idea.

While I was 31 weeks pregnant I traveled to Dubai to meet up with my husband. He was able to feel the baby kicks which was the highlight of my trip. 

At 33 weeks, that Monday, I was notified that the baby was not growing as he should. I was placed on bed-rest and that devastated me I was in the hospital for two nights while the ran test and determined that I was fine to go home. The guilt that I was the reason that my baby was not growing was stuck to my head.

Bed-rest was not really rest for me. I was up and down the stairs not really “resting”. When Saturday arrived, I was in pain from what I thought was a bad cramp in my neck. I received a neck massage from my cousin, took a bath to relax but nothing worked ! Around 5pm I was in unbearable pain and I called my sister to rush me to the hospital. After testing my urine and blood pressure it was determined that I had pre-eclampsia. I dealt with high blood pressure before pregnancy but not to the extent where my blood pressure was 220/180. The doctor on duty called for an emergency c-section but just my luck, my physician was not available. Around 7:45pm we welcomed a 3 lb 7 oz baby boy into the world, for which I only heard his cry and saw his wide eyes for less than 10 seconds before he had to be taken to NICU. 

Everyday, every moment of his birth will always be unforgettable. 



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